We are first and foremost a family of 5+ and our goldens are treasured family members. Our passion for goldens has evolved into a very small breeding program that began over a decade ago when we lived at a beautiful property in Muskoka Lakes and has continued now at our new location, just on the outskirts of Huntsville, Ontario. Traditionally goldens have been bred for both their gentle beauty and their obedient ability in the field - We strive to maintain the dual purpose identity of these elegant dogs.

During my early childhood years my parents bred labrador retrievers - so my love for dogs, puppies, breeding, and all animals came about quite naturally. As a child our yard was always filled with chickens, rabbits, ducks, a dog or two and whatever else found its way into our home. I had always loved the golden retriever breed and had admired its beauty and charming personality - so when I grew older I seized the first opportunity that came about to welcome the breed into our home. It has been many years now since our first golden - a big, beautiful, dark-coated American golden named Samson, came into our lives. Sam was a loyal friend and faithful companion; a wonderful, handsome, biddable lad who sparked in us a love and devotion for the breed that has only deepened over the years. Sam was the kind of golden that instantly warmed his way into your heart and stayed there forever: always happy, friendly, well-mannered and obedient. Unfortunately, Sam suffered with arthritis and hip dysplasia for most of his life and was taken from us at a young seven years of age after a brave fight with cancer.

After the initial shock and the sadness of Sam's passing began to dissipate we became increasingly aware of the pressing need to protect and improve this marvellous breed, not only in Canada but around the world. With Sam's passing - we began to take a closer look at the golden retriever breed in North America and realized that many other goldens just like our Sammy were passing on far to early. It is unfortunate that with the popularity of the breed - many breeders have made poor decisions and money-based decisions for years now - which has only served to harm the breed and the integrity of the golden retriever. As we began to recognize the dire situatation of goldens in this country our focus turned to the British and European lines; the history and lineages of their golden retrievers, pedigrees, ethical breeding practices, genetics, and canine disease. Although there is no perfect dog and no perfect pedigree, I was very encouraged by what I discovered in the stewardship of the golden retriever in Europe. The more I learned - the more I knew I wanted to make a difference in the future of the breed here in North America. That's when and why the decision was made to bring some of the best lines we could find to Canada.

Our name "Dreamkeeper" was created to reflect the foundation and the integral contributions made to our kennel through the gracious assistance of Jennie Andersson at KENNEL DREAM MAX in Sweden. Dream Max has been leading the way as a breeder of golden retrievers in Europe for over 30 years through their quality bloodlines, pursuit of excellence, and tremendous history of Champions. Our first Swedish "golden" boy - Dream Max Jorgen Brink (fondly known as Simson) has played a huge role in our family as well as our golden team - and the dream that began with him still lives on today.

All of our dogs live kennel-free . They are raised as cherished, valued members of our family and live in our home with us. In my opinion there is absolutely no other way to raise a golden. The majority of our goldens live right here with us on 8 acres of beautiful Muskoka landscape complete with a spring-fed pond where they love to spend time swimming or chasing ducks... When they are not busy romping about you will likely find them curled up in the sun on the deck or beneath someone's feet. Like all goldens, they just want to be with their family - no matter where that is.

Over the last couple of years we have also allowed a few of our adult goldens to live outside of our home under special circumcstances with "foster families". These families are either family members or very close friends. This gives us the opportunity to still hold on to some very special bloodlines and be very selective with our "breeding stock" - while giving each of our goldens all of the love and care of family life that they need and deserve. Placing a few of our goldens in fostering helps us to be very objective with our future breeding plans as we can constantly re-evaluate our golden family and who would be the best candidates for puppy parents.

All of our goldens participate in the show ring and we strive for each to work towards their Canadian Championship. To date we have produced a number of Canadian Champions and are proudly the home of 2 Canadian GRAND CHAMPIONS!! We also do limited obedience training with our goldens and some have also gone on to do therapy work. We strive to find the individual gifts of each of our goldens and develop those as best we can. Of course the best part about any form of training with a golden is the incredible bond that it creates.

We gladly adhere to, and aim to surpass, the Canadian Kennel Club Code of Ethics.

We simply have two goals at Dreamkeeper. The first is to never stop learning about this exceptional breed and the second is to do everything in our power to improve upon it. We refuse to breed for convenience or recreation. We aim to produce goldens that are true to the original standard - specifically in character, appearance and health. For this reason we have sought out goldens from Champion sires and multi-champion lines originating in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, the UK and beyond. We have built the foundation of our breeding program on only those golden retrievers with outstanding temperment, great health and sound structure.

All goldens involved in our breeding program must have, at the very minimum, complete health clearances and must meet the breed standard.

Dreamkeeper Goldens is officially registered with the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)

(**Muskoka is the region including and surrounding Huntsville, Ontario, Canada - known for its magnificent lakes and forests)

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