Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of Moldova

Lovely is a wonderful girl who embodies everything that her name suggests. She is undoubtedly the sweetest golden we have ever known and everyone who meets her comments on her amazing personality. Before coming to stay with us, Lovely spent a great deal of time as a therapy dog in Europe, bringing joy into the lives of children living in orphanages. Lovely still continues today to do therapy work at a local nursing home and just has that indescribable something special that connects with young and old instantly. She is extremely gentle and affectionate, well-mannered and laidback - Words can't begin to describe her exceptional personality.

Lovely also did magnificently in the show ring while living in Europe attaining championships and recognition in multiple countries. She has excellent structure and lots of bone, a beautiful cream coat, wonderful drive and movement. She is a dream to watch and moves exquisitely with total precision.

Lovely is the "queen" of our golden family. She has a very protective and matronly way with all of our goldens and is quick to express her opinion if she thinks someone is acting out of line or playing a little too rough. She definitely "tends the flock" and watches over all of us.

Lovely has produced two beautiful litters to date. All of her puppies have had great structure, stunning looks, and a stellar personality just like their mother. Our most sincere thanks to Lena Ushan for allowing Lovely to come and live with us here in Canada and entrusting us with this absolutely magnificent girl.


Lovely has produced three exceptional litters of beautiful puppies over the years - the last litter from which we have kept our sweet girl Sugar to carry on her mother's legacy. We have enjoyed every single minute and every day that Lovely has been with us. She has been a true ambassador of the breed - beautiful both inside and out. Fortunately we are still able to see Lovely on a regular basis and never know when we will see her little nose peeking in our back door beckoning for a visit.

We felt that Lovely had more than served her share of maternal duties - and should have a chance to enjoy her golden years without the pitter patter of any more puppy paws - so she is now living with our very good friends Jason and Sherri and their 2 adorable children Robee and Kiera. Lovely gets more love and hugs now than she could have ever dreamed of... and we know she will enjoy this new chapter in her life to the fullest !! Thank you Jason and Sherri for giving our "Lovely" girl such a perfect home - and Thank you Lovely for all the wonderful and precious memories that you have given us. We look forward to many more visits whenever you make your way down the beach to say hello !!

Hips: A
ED: 0
Eyes: Clear (2008)

For full pedigree information please see below.

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Beautiful Lovely

Lovely in middle
With 2 dear friends back
at home in Ukraine
Photo: Tramin Kennel

Lovely gets a big hug from Alexis
at the airport as she arrives
in Canada

Lovely her first day in

Lovely's sire
International Champion
Rossmix Fair Enough

"A Lovely Dream
of Far and Away"

Lovely after enjoying
a swim - 1st day in Canada

Side profile

Lovely doing the
the thing she likes best -
swimming in the lake

Lovely doing the thing she
likes 2nd best -
looking for squirrels

Still looking for
that squirrel

Lovely enjoying her
nap after a hard afternoon
of squirrel hunting
and swimming

Lovely watching ducks
in the bay

Lovely enjoying
a sunny morning
on the dock


Lovely -
Such a beautiful face!


Lovely at 3 years


December 2008

Lovely in the snow

Lovely Winter 2008
5 weeks into pregnancy

Playing in the snow

Pedigree for MultCH A Lovely Dream of Far and Away (LOVELY)

Breeder: Of Far and Away Country of Origin: France Owner: Dreamkeeper Goldens DOB: April 11, 2005
A Lovely Dream
of Far and Away

INTCH Rossmix Fair Enough
FINUCH FINW-98 Rossmix Rugger
Sherlock of Glen Sheallag
Knegarens Tarantella
Friendship Merriwaga
Mjaerumhogda's Classic Sound
Friendship Mathilda
Truly Pretty of Far and Away
JCH Ritzilyn Bailey's Original
Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood
ENG SHCH Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny
Sunshine of Far and Away
MultiCH Paudell Pure Passion
Moonlight des Berberis