- ABBY -

Abby is a lovely young lady with a sparkling personality and a great will to please. She is very outgoing, confident and friendly but also has a very sweet and affectionate side that is extremely gentle and devoted. Abby has a very pale gold coat with thick wave and texture accented by beautiful dark pigment. Her face is beautiful with well chiselled, elegant features. Abby still has a bit of filling in to do but already has wonderful structure and good balance. She is extremely smart and learns things quickly. She is very easy-going and always happy with whatever is on the agenda whether it be a car ride, retrieveing a ball or just laying by your feet.

Abby comes from a very interesting and rich history of golden retrievers. Her father is a strong, beautiful boy with a charming personality: Multi-Champion "Fairy Jack is Friendly". JACK has already achieved much recognition in the show ring and has been described by judges as a "beautiful dog from any angle" with great drive and style. Abby's mother is another outstanding Multi-Champion: "Tramin Time to Dance" who also comes from a magnificent line of well-known International Multi-Champions - most notably from the Glen Sheallag Kennel. Of special note - Abby's grandfather is the exquisite "MOONDUST MASTERPIECE" who has been crowned with many European titles and was 2006 World Winner. Abby herself has done quite well in the show ring achieving both Best Puppy in Breed and Winners Bitch ribbons in limited showing during 2010. Abby is not a very big fan of the show ring - so we will probably not be returning to the ring any time soon -- she prefers to spend her days enjoying her puppies or relaxing with her human family !!

Abby has proven to be an outstanding mum with her pups and we were honored to have a beautiful litter with her in 2011 by Canadian Champion Giltedge Traveller - "Gulliver". Abby's second litter by Canadian Champion Raynox Heart of Gold (Steele) was also a great success and produced lovely pups with excellent temperament! Abby's affectionate and endearing personality shines through in all that she does.

Our most sincere thanks to Lena Ushan at Tramin Kennel for allowing Abby to come and make her home here with us. We look forward to wonderful attributes that Abby will pass along to our future generations.

** Update May 2013: Abby has been one of the sweetest and most caring goldens that we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has produced some beautiful puppies and has always been the epitome of motherhood. Unfortunately - both of her 2 pregnancies required a C-section - so we did not think it would be fair to ask her to go into a pregnancy again - knowing this would most likely be the outcome with her history. So it is with great reluctance that we have retired our beautiful, dear girl and she is now living a pampered life of luxury - free from the responsibilities of parenthood ! We know Abby will continue to bring great joy to every person she meets.

Hips: Dysplasia free (Pennhip 60%) #888846
Elbows: 0/0 OFA #1416587 (21 months)
Eyes: Clear CERF #GR-355802 (2011)
Heart: OFA Normal GR-CA23007/40F/C-VPI


Abby at 6 months


The beautiful Abby

Abby winter 2009-10


Abby at 6 months


Abby - Head study
7 months

Winter 2009-10

Abby at 7 months

Abby at 8 months


Abby enjoying the lake
Spring 2010

Abby at 10 months
Spring 2010

Abby with Josh

Abby enjoying the water


Abby's grandfather
Beautiful Multi-Champion
& World Winner Moondust Masterpiece

Abby winter 2010-11

Abby at 21 months


Enjoying the first days of


Always happy



Enjoying her pups


Head study


Abby with her favourite
guy pal - Steele
Fall 2012


Abby enjoying the winter

Abby January 2013


Abby with puppy Kingston

Pedigree for Tramin Don't Worry Be Happy

Breeder: Lena Ushan - Tramin Kennel Country of Origin: Ukraine Owner: Dreamkeeper Goldens DOB: July 19, 2009
Tramin Don't Worry Be Happy


Fairy Jack
is Friendly

Ch Honeypound
GBCh Irish CH
Galalith Crown
Prince of Tyrol
Tyrol Hayley
Karvin Kind of Magic
Ipcress Sea Quest
Karvin Casablanca

Time to Dance


WW'06 LuxJCh
Moondust Masterpiece
Clubsieger 2005-06

Garbank Lislone Jackpot
Moondust Anneliesa
Mol-Rom-Rus-Bul CH
Tramin Apple Juice
All UKR Winner '04
V-EW'04 Multi & INT CH
GRCHUkr Hol-Bye-Rus-Bul-Pol CH
Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag
All UKR Winner '03, '05
Mol-Bye-Rus CH
Real World of Glen Sheallag
All UKR Winner '03