- Armani -

Armani is an extremely cherished addition to our Dreamkeeper family. He is the son of one of the dearest golden ladies we have ever owned, lovely "Lilly" (Canadian Champion Raynox Face the Fact) who is known for the super temperament and beautiful headpiece that she passes on to her puppies. Armani's father is an amazing boy as well - Champion Mad About You de Ria Vela (fondly known as Kyle) - a brilliant boy who comes from a long line of outstanding goldens. It was an extreme privelege for us to have Kyle paired with Lilly to be the sire of Armani's litter as he resides in Spain. Thanks to the help of modern technology (artificial insemination) and the kindness of Paloma Gusso and Antonio Lopez of Ria Vela kennel, we were able to pair our lovely Lilly with Kyle for a superb litter of which Armani was our pick boy. Kyle is known for both his own beauty as well as the great sons and daughters that he has already produced so we hope that Armani will continue to follow in the footsteps (or pawprints) of both of his outstanding parents.

Follow this link to visit Champion "Mad About You de Ria Vela" (Kyle)

Armani captured a very special place in my heart very early on in his puppyhood. Long before it was time to select puppies to go to their prospective homes Armani made it clear that he had every intention of staying; and we were all enamored with his lovable, laughable, unflappable personality. He is never far from my side and is a devoted companion. He is an avid water dog -- and LOVES, loves, loves to spend time in the lake. He is hands-down our most enthusiastic and dedicated retriever. He has an unwavering will to please and is a very obedient, intelligent, loyal and sensitive boy.

Armani is maturing into a moderate boy with a thick coat and dark, non-fading pigment. He measures 22.5 inches at the withers and weighs in at 78 pounds (with some maturing still to do). He has a very muscular, compact and athletic build. Probably his finest attribute is his extremely sweet and loving temperament -- he would love nothing better than to be a lap dog (!) but is content to lay at your feet. We love this boy to bits and look forward to a great future with him.

Armani has already been out for a few appearances in the show ring and has started accumulating points towards his Championship. We look forward to finishing things up hopefully sometime in 2014. In any event I am sure that both Lilly and Kyle would be very proud of this rising star -- He is a complete joy to have as part of our family and a one-in-a-million type of boy.

Hips: BVA: 3:4
Elbows: BVA: 0:0
Eyes: Clear OFA GR-EYE2562/31M-VPI (2014)
Heart: Normal GR-CA22978/12M/C-VPI
GR_PRA1: Normal Optigen #12-1119
GR_PRA2: Normal AHT #GRB1891
ICT-A: Carrier Optigen #12-1119
Degenerative Myelopathy: Normal GR-DM155/29M-VPI


Our boy Armani at 6 weeks


Armani stacked at 7 weeks

Armani at 8 weeks

With his favourite girl


With best friend Josh


Enjoying life as a puppy

Time spent with good
buddy Steele

at 5 months


March 2012


Spring 2012

Loving the water


at 7 months


At 7 months


Armani on left with sister
Lucy on the right

Down by the beach
Favourite spot on earth !

Nothing like a boy and
his Water Wubba !!


Still wet from swimming
but time for a nap !


Where else but in the water

On the move

Taking a break between swims


Still maturing


With the coveted "Wubba"

September 2012

At 11 months old


Enjoying the morning walk


Always ready to retrieve

Autumn 2012

At one year old


Waiting for the tennis ball


at 12 months
Never too cold for a swim !!

November 2012

Enjoying the snow


December 2012


Always retrieving something

January 2013

Lovin' the snow !


Mr. Serious


Loving the snow

Winter in Muskoka

Still growing up and filling in


First one in the lake
as soon as the ice is out


Spring 2013

Need that Water Kong

Where else
but in the water


August 2013


No stick too big or too small

Lake time

Just relaxing
at almost 2 years old


2 years old


At the lake - as usual

January 2014

Enjoying the winter

Pedigree for Dreamkeeper Giorgio Armani

Breeder: Dreamkeeper - Christina Degazio Country of Origin: Canada Owner: Dreamkeeper Goldens DOB: October 10, 2011
Giorgio Armani


Multi Champion
Mad About You
de Ria Vela



Ashbury Angel Heart

Taram du Bois
de la Rayere
Ashbury Summer Sun
Vice-EW 09, Mutli CH
SpCH, PortCH
Nativegold Diamond Forever
to Ria Vela

Ronjalee Ragamuffin JW

Nativegold Apache

Face the Fact


Falleur's Singapore

Jazzman's Da Capo

Chaveni's Wait n See

Blue Vanga

Lux CH Bel CH
Chardine Blue Monday

Neth CH
van de Beerse Hoeve