With a name like "Honey" you would expect a smooth, sweet girl and Honey is certainly all that and more ! An enormous thank you to Michaela Engstler-Anderson at Ganwales Kennel in Austria for allowing us the privelege of having Honey join our family - every day with her is a sheer delight. Ganwales has prided itself in producing goldens of exceptional temperament - and many of the relatives in Honey's pedigree have become service, therapy or rescue dogs. Honey is the product of many generations of careful breeding and selection by some of the most outstanding kennels in Europe.

Honey has a thick, wavy coat that is light gold (honey) in colour. She is a solid girl with lots of substance and an athletic build. She has striking jet-black pigment and beautiful expression. Honey's biggest attribute is her beautiful personality that is very laid back and extremely willing to please. She loves any form of training and is quick to learn anything that will garnish a word of praise. She has a loyal and affectionate personality and although she loves swimming and chasing geese - she loves nothing better than to lay at my feet !!

Honey comes from an interesting pedigree of English influence including Amirene, Trewater and Ritzilyn ; she will offer some fresh lines into our existing lineup of goldens. We are extremely fortunate to have such an exceptional girl as part of our family and have great hopes for her future contribution to our breeding program.

Hips: OFA Fair (Prelim #1516398)
Elbows: OFA Normal (Prelim #1488765)
Eyes: Clear GR-EYE1726/29F-PI (2013)
Heart: OFA Normal GR-CA21919/17F/C-VPI
GR_PRA1: Clear (by parentage)


Honey catching up on
beauty rest back home in Austria

Honey at 4 months

Honey's first day in Canada

Honey March 2011


Honey on the lake

Honey enjoying spring

Honey just relaxing

Honey on the left
just observing


Honey on the beach
Spring 2011

Honey enjoying the lake

Honey diving for sticks

Honey September 2011


Honey - head study
10 months old

Honey - November 2011


Honey at 13 months

Honey - January 2012


Honey 17 months

Doing what she loves most

Anxiously waiting to play ball

Honey at 17 months


Our sweet Honey-bunny

Honey spring 2012

More to come

More to come

Pedigree for Ganwales Pretzel (Honey)

Breeder: Ganwales Kennel Country of Origin: Austria Owner: Dreamkeeper Goldens DOB: November 11, 2010

Ganwales Pretzel 


Ganwales Grail 
Knight Percival


 Ger JCH, Ger CH
Amirene Wind
in the Willows

Jamie of Carastene

Amirene Integrity
O JCh 
All Like An Angel
O Bundessieger 
Morning Archibald
by Sunrise
Cream Caramel


O Bundessieger 
Morning Archibald
Dut CH
Man About Town

Trewater Trouvaille
Trewater Polly
Eng ShCh, Swe CH
Lindjan Xylonite
Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz 
at Trewater