Maggie is a very beautiful girl with an easy-going disposition. She is affectionate, good-natured, gentle, confident - extremely sociable and she absolutely LOVES the water. Maggie has an elegant face, a great cream coat with dark pigment, super top-line and great structure. A long history of exceptional goldens have passed on their great movement and superior qualities which are evident in her outstanding looks and the way she carries herself.

We feel very honored to have Maggie as part of our family. Her father is a magnificent boy from Dewmist Kennel in Sweden: Dewmist Silk Screen (Storm). Storm has an outstanding show career and has been awarded championships in Europe over 20 times. He is an International winner of numerous titles and in November 2008 he was awarded the most beautiful dog out of 4600 dogs from 29 different countries at the International Zagreb exhibition. Storm has passed on his great looks and character to his charming daughter Maggie - we are looking forward to the qualities that she will bring to future generations. Of course many of Maggie's fantastic attributes also come from her mother - Analiesa. You can read all about Analiesa on her own page: INASSICA'S WATER PRIMULA.

Of special note - Maggie herself won the puppy class in October 2008 at the Euro Dog Show in Budapest under judge Sigried Jarmer from Austria. A great start to her show career !

Maggie completed her Canadian Championship at a very early age in the spring of 2009 after an extremely successful time in the show ring.

Thank you Bea for entrusting us with this princess !!

For full pedigree information please see below.


Maggie is one of those once in a lifetime dogs - beautiful structure, elegant movement and the sweetest personality you could ever ask for. It was quite a shock to us when Maggie did not meet our requirements for breeding - and it has been with great regret that we have placed Maggie in a new home. However - we know that Maggie will be loved and hugged and given the center spotlight she deserves as she heads into her new life with Allison and Gary Koch and their family. We wish Maggie and her new family all the very best together... We know Maggie will bring great joy wherever she goes.

Picture to come.


Maggie at 5 months
at home in Hungary.


Maggie working
on her retrieval
while living in

Maggie's sire:
World and Junior World Winner
Multi-title holder and champion
Dewmist Silk Screen

Maggie's dam:
The beautiful
Inassica's Water Primula


Another amazing champion
Maggie's grandfather
Veteran World Winner 2008
Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel


Maggie at 10 months

Enjoying the snow
January 2009

At 12 months


Maggie enjoying the snow


Maggie attaining the
final points for her
Canadian Championship
at only 13 months of age !!

Beautiful Maggie at 16 months

Maggie - head study.


Maggie free standing
18 months


More to come.

More to come.

More to come.

Pedigree for Angel from Babelsbergi (Maggie)

Breeder: Kennel Babelsbergi Country of Origin: Hungary Owner: Dreamkeeper Goldens DOB: March 4, 2008
   Canadian Champion
Angel from Babelsbergi

EW07&08, EuJW05, Srb CH,
40BOB, ChofCh 05&07
Dewmist Silk Screen
SU(u)CH NORDV-03, 
NUCH, VWW08 Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
Eng/Ir ShCH Erinderry 
Diamond Edge of Glenavis
Ir ShCh, INT ShCH 
Erinderry Firebird
SWE ShCH NordW-03, 
SweW-04, VWW-08
Styal Silksilla
Eng ShCH 
Remington Rory
Styal Scottish Symphonia
Inassica's Water Primula
Cheer's Secret Garden
SUCH Trialer Inassica's 
Song of Songs
Cheer's Dazzle
Water Carnation
Int & FinCH 
Pauclare Pot of Gold
Inassica's Water Lily